Freequently Asked Questions

We take pride in our commitment, which is why we only charge our customers per call. After we complete our analysis of your campaign, we will set up your campaign across multiple marketing platforms to improve the chance of consistent phone calls from potential customers.
Yes, all our calls are generated from PPC ads from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook.
You can log in to your account dashboard to track your generated calls, listen to call recordings and check your summarized reports of all the generated calls and payments.
Great News!! ResultCalls believes in a simple, hassle-free, transparent customer experience. No contract is required. You simply pay per call and you can cancel at any time for free.
For us to efficiently measure our results, we highly recommend that you only work with ResultCalls during the entire time of your campaign with us.
We work with limited business types. You can check the latest business types that we work with on our sign-up page -
Typically, it takes about 3 - 5 business days to launch a new campaign but there are so many factors that determine when the first few calls will be generated such as marketing competitiveness and cost. With our automated processes, you will continuously see an increase in the call volume.
We cover all states and cities within the United States.
ResultCalls is simple, we charge per call starting as low as $24.85 depending on the market and industry. We charge customers only for qualified calls. You may dispute a call if you believe that has been incorrectly assessed as unqualified.
We are not like other SEO companies that will lock you into a monthly service fee contract, for results that are not guaranteed. ResultCalls is simple, we don’t have any sign-up fee or a set monthly service fee! You ONLY pay when a customer calls.
There’s no cancelation fee or any gimmick. You can cancel your service at any time for FREE!
You can sign up by clicking here
We only need a few pieces of information including coverage area, services offered, forwarding number, and business hours.
To make changes to your account. Log in to your ResultCalls account and go to the campaign settings page to update your business information.
No. ResultCalls creates dedicated Ad campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. That is tailored to promote your business information to potential customers looking for the service that you offer.
After you sign up and your account has been approved. An account manager will be assigned to your account. Your account manager will contact you to schedule a time to review your business needs and information. Then your campaign will be launched.
Yes, a debit card or credit card is required on file to pay for customer calls.
No, but you will be required to establish an account balance to cover your first few calls.
Yes, we assign an account manager to your campaign. This will be your point of contact for any questions you may have.
You can contact support by contacting your account manager or call our main support line (310) 295-4421 to speak with our customer support.
Mon - Fri 7.AM - 4.PM PST
You can log into your account by clicking
Log in to your account. Go to the Calls page, you will see detailed information on all the phone calls you’ve received or missed.
Yes. ResultCalls understands that some calls may be spam, telemarketers, or salespersons. So, we make it easy for you to dispute your phone calls.
Qualified Calls
The caller inquired about a service, provided a price quote, scheduled an appointment.
The staff or owner gathers the caller’s information or missed calls from a potential customer.
Unqualified Calls
When a returning customer asks about a service that is no longer offered.
Missed calls outside business hours.
Customers calling from outside of the area you service.
Spam calls/ Telemarketer/ Salesperson/ Wrong number/ Job seeker/ Employee/ Business Associates.
Yes, all calls are recorded so that you can listen to and or dispute the phone call if you believe it shouldn’t qualify.
Yes. After you log in to your account, click the call page, and next to each call, you may click download.
To receive notifications for your calls, log in to your account and click the Notifications page. Here you can choose if you would like to enable all notifications or to receive only your missed calls to your email and phone number.
You can set a budget through the ResultCalls portal. The portal gives full control to adjust any budget or bid settings as needed.
Payment can only be made by debit or credit card.
Though you pay-per-call, you only be charged when your account balance reaches a set threshold.
You can log in to your account at
Yes, you may pause and resume your account. To do this, log in to your account. Go to the Campaigns page and select the dates to pause or resume.
You can set up notifications through the ResultCalls online portal with your login. You can set up email and SMS notifications for any calls that come through.
You can easily dispute any calls that you receive through the ResultCalls online portal with your login. You have upto 14 days to dispute any calls.
All of the calls are tracked and available for viewing on your dashboard in our ResultCalls platform. We have made it easy to run reports and filter the information to drill down and get the data you need.
You can login to your dashboard at any time through with the email address and password you used to create your account.
You can easily update your Forwarding Phone number through the ResultCalls portal at any time.
You can reach out to your Account Manager to provide an updated list of service areas and we will configure it for you.
The process to modify business hours is simple, just let your Account Manager know and they will make sure it gets adjusted.
Updating services is easy through the ResultCalls online platform. You can also let you your Account Manager know and they can assist you.
Your Account Manager will inform you of competitive prices in your area and once confirmed they will go ahead and configure it for you accordingly.
Yes, there is no limit to the number of cities you operate in. To make tracking and monitoring simple for you we can segment the cities for detailed data.
You can cancel your account at any time through your ResultCalls dashboard. There are no cancellation fees you can stop the service at any time.
Changing your password is can be done at any time through your ResultCalls dashboard.
Business Category cannot be updated. If you’re business has pivoted and offering different services reach out to your Account Manager to talk about reconfiguring your campaign.
In your ResultCalls dashboard is the contact information for your Account Manager you can reach out to them at any time.
If you need to change your Business Name please reach out to your Account Manager to update it for you in our system.
Updating your credit card information is easy through the ResultCalls online dashboard in the Billing tab.